Air Quality and Petroleum Consumption Will Drive the Alternative Fuel Vehicles Market in 2001

Five trends seen driving development of fuel cell vehicles.

Published: 02-Jan-2001

NEW YORK, Jan. 2 /PRNewswire/ -- According to a survey conducted by industry publication AltFuels Advisor, industry and government leaders have identified these major trends that will contribute to the growth of the alternative fuels vehicle industry's growth for 2001:

      -- Petroleum displacement strategies      -- The Environmental Protection Agency's proposed rules for low-sulfur         diesel fuel.      -- The EPA's case before the Supreme Court on the agency's rule on ozone      -- Methyl tertiary butyl ether phaseouts      -- Clean power production  

The long-range outlook proposes that fuel cells and, ultimately, a hydrogen fuel economy is on the horizon. Experts make the interesting point that rather than phasing out current alternative fuels, the opposite is true. Nearly every alternative fuel will have a place in the new hydrogen economy.

The full text of the article appearing in the January 1 issue of AltFuels Advisor is available at or by phoning the publisher at (800) 232-4317, ext. 118.

AltFuels Advisor is published monthly by the Alternative Fuel Vehicle Group. It is the leading industry newsletter on the commercialization, regulation and usage of all types of alternative fuels and vehicles.

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