From Mars Rover to Main Street - 'Electric Wheel' Ready to Roll

Wheel motor technology originally funded by NASA for Mars Rover.

Published: 20-Dec-2002

December 19, 2002, Benedict, Maryland - Marine hybrid electric propulsion producer, Solomon Technologies, Inc., introduces its patented Electric Wheel" motor to the automotive industry as part of its Phase II Electric Wheel EV and HEV Product Expansion.

First used by NASA for the Mars Rover, Solomon Technologies Electric Wheel technology begs the question, .If America can put an Electric Wheel Vehicle on Mars, why can.t we successfully build an efficient, dependable, affordable Electric Car?. From the Solomon.s R and D Team the answer is simple. The automobile industry has based their electric motor development on emulating fossil fuel engine technology. The Electric
Wheel is a low RPM, high torque motor, void of the extreme heat, hundreds of moving parts, and multitude of parasitic losses associated with combustion engines.

Over the past seven years Solomon Technologies has engineered, tested and produced Electric Wheel motors, demonstrating to the fossil fuel engine industries worldwide that these motors are superior in design, power, and efficiency, able to withstand the harshest environments in the most remote locations. These clean and quiet, multiple inputs, dual output electric differential motor transmission devices have revolutionized the electric motor propulsion market.

Solomon Technologies, Inc. founder and C.E.O. Dave Tether heralds Phase II Product Expansion as and unparalleled opportunity to build a strategic alliance with a global auto industry manufacturer whose resources and market position will propel electric vehicles from the novelty item they are today to the standard mode of transportation for the future. We are looking for auto industry leaders who want to separate themselves from the competition and will use the Electric Wheel as the avenue for capturing the phenomenal electric vehicle market..

Solomon Technologies Phase II Team is now seeking strategic partners and preparing to license their Electric Wheel technology in unison with building a rolling prototype. Topping the Phase II Team's demonstration platform priorities is development of an Electric Wheel Sport Utility Vehicle, proving that Americans don.t have to sacrifice utility for ecology. Lowering America.s dependence on foreign oil and cleaning up the environment can now be accomplished in a powerful, efficient hybrid Electric Wheel system that can drive not only passenger cars, but SUVs, ATVs, pickup trucks, and commercial vehicles.

Solomon Technologies states that consumers and auto makers no longer have to wait decades for the development of promised "super fuel" technology. The Electric Wheel is currently being used as the power foundation on the hydrogen/fuel cell platform sponsored by hydrogen electrolysis promoter HaveBlue, and as new fuel alternatives become available, the Electric Wheel will be in place as the powertrain source of choice.

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