New Apollo Project Can Help USA Unplug Need for Oil

U.S. Representative urges USA engage in concerted effort to switch to clean energy systems.

Published: 20-Dec-2002


Is it reasonable to worry about perpetual security threats stemming from our involvement in the Mideast? Yes, we have a right to worry because at the moment our nation has no plan for breaking the addiction to oil that so entangles us in this regional quagmire.

Do Washingtonians long to start skiing but cannot because there is no snow in the mountains this late in the year? Yes, we have a right to worry because a radical reduction in our snowpack is predicted for the Cascades due to global warming, a challenge we have no national plan to address.

To that end, Congress should seize the moment to champion a unified and
highly prioritized national program to fulfill America's destiny of leading the world to a new clean energy future. We should call for a total national commitment to harness the genius of America's can-do attitude that would design, invent and deploy the new clean energy technologies that befit this new century.



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