PHOTO CAPTION: Autolib charging station, one of many around Paris.

E-Cycles Allowed Use of Autolib Charge Stations in Paris

Popular electric carshare system in Paris also lets electric motorcycle owners to recharge their batteries at their charge stations.

Published: 24-Jun-2013

According to Mike Werner, posting on the Motorbiker.org forum, electric motorcycle, and presumably also electric motor scooter owners, are permitted to recharge their machines at the same charge stations used by Autolib, the electric carshare system in Paris. Here's his comments:

In Paris there's an electric car sharing service (that much I did know), much like their popular bicycle sharing service, called Autolib (it's quite popular, so much so that Indianapolis have signed a deal to replicate it in their city - source ). With the AutoLib program, you subscribe to the service, and can go to one of the many electricity recharge station, drop in your credit card, hop into one of the funky electric cars, and ride through Paris. When you are finished, you drop the car at any of the fast recharge stations.

So far, nothing of interest to use motorcycle riders. But what I recently learned is that you are allowed to ride your electric motorcycle to one of the charging stations of the AutoLib program and recharge your bike's batteries.

You need to subscribe, which will cost you €15 per year. That includes during the day the first 2 hours (and at night the first 4 hours), and after that it'll cost you €1 per hour of charging time (at night, it'll be €1 for the whole night).

That looks like a pretty good deal. If you ride up at night, plug it in, and it'll cost you €1 to recharge. Not bad.

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