PHOTO CAPTION: Zap Jonway electric taxi uses small SUV platform.

ZAP's China JV To Roll Out New LIne of Electric Cars

Models include a 3-door SUV and a MiniVan, available in both lead-acid and lithium battery versions.

Published: 23-Jun-2013

ZAP (ZAAP) an automotive company incorporated in California and headquartered in Santa Rosa, California announced that Jonway Auto, its subsidiary in Zhejiang, China has successfully completed their 5-Star MiniVan EV and is preparing to finalize the type approval in China. This Minivan EV represents one of three new EV models that will be launched this year for China and the international markets. The other two models are the new 3-Door E380 SUV, and the 5-Door E-Falcon SUV. All four models were shown at the Shanghai Auto Show in May this year. The latter two are planned for availability later on this year.

The 5-Star Minivan EV represents the first lithium battery full electric minivans in China. The 5-Star Minivan EV-L (Lithium) has a range of 140km, with a peak power of 110Kph under load. A battery swap version of the Minivan-L is being designed together with China National Grid in Hangzhou to support extended range delivery routes.

The 5-Star Minivan-LA (Lead Acid) is the lead acid version. The lead acid model is cheaper but has a shorter range and is offered at the economic price of around US$12,000. This EV minivan will prove to be very popular for city transport and delivery. This product is ideal for delivery fleets in densely populated cities where governments are sensitive to exhaust pollution and gasoline prices. The Lead Acid version has a peak power of 80Kph with a range of 80km.

All four EV models: the Minivan-L, and the already type approved E-380SUV, and the lithium battery versions of the 3-Door SUV and the E-Falcon, are all eligible for China's central government EV incentives of over US$9,500 per vehicle. Additional incentives from local governments for lithium battery EVs vary from US$6,000 to US$9,000. Cities like Hangzhou, Shanghai and Beijing are offering the additional incentives to stimulate the adoption. In aggregate, the total incentives for full electric lithium battery driven vehicles can enjoy up to US$15,000 or more in reimbursements from the central and local governments. ZAP Jonway's Minivan-L, and the E-380 SUV models all are qualified for the reimbursements from Chinese government.

ZAP Jonway is now working aggressively with local partners to promote the sale of the Minivan-L and E-380SUV EVs, and are working to sign up new dealerships in major cities to support the EV sales.

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Zap Xebra is considered a 'motorcycle' by US federal regulations.

Three-wheeled electric vehicle imported from China failed brake tests in 2008.

Three stacked images are of Zap Jonway Sparkee. Vehicle on right is smart fortwo from Daimler.

Sparkee, not to be confused with Chevrolet Spark EV, appears to be a clone of Daimler's smart fortwo, but at a significantly lower price in US dollars. Official press release.


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