German Companies Explore Sharing Common Electric Car Fleet

Shared E-Fleet project would create single fleet of electric vehicles could be shared by many different companies.

Published: 13-Jun-2013

Imagine a number of different companies sharing a single fleet of electric vehicles... Fraunhofer IAO and eight project partners are busy working out just how to make this vision a reality. Funded by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology, the Shared E-Fleet research project aims not only to work up suitable IT solutions, but also to design the smart energy management and profitable business models that are called for.

While electric vehicles are becoming a more common sight in Germany, the government's target of having one million of them on the country's roads by the year 2020 still seems a long way off; it will take a definite jump in user acceptance to meet this target. Corporate fleets represent a promising market segment for electric vehicles, and they could act as a strong signal to the public at large that the tide is turning.

Right now in Germany, some 100,000 companies are using corporate fleets, with most fleets run by small and medium-sized companies. And it is for this kind of user in particular that fleet sharing is a viable alternative to the expense of buying and maintaining a fleet of their own.


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