PHOTO CAPTION: Bionx hub motor on German-built Grace E-Bike

Electric Bikes Now Constitute 10 Percent of German Market

German cyclists bought 380,000 electric-assist bicycles in 2012

Published: 26-Mar-2013

ZIV, a German industry organization, reports that electric-assist bicycle sales now represent 10 percent of sales at the close 2012. German cyclists bought a total of 380,000 e-bikes, a rise of 15% over 2011 numbers. Meanwhile, conventional bicycle sales declined 4% to 3.95 million units in the same time period, with bad weather between Easter and July being cited as a key factor in depressed sales.

ZIV reports that as a result of rising interest in e-bikes in Germany, the average price per sale has increased from €495 (US$637) in 2011 to €513 (US$660) in 2012.


Sparta ion RXS electric bicycle.

A large-scale market survey reports that in particular buyers in the age group under 55 years are about to enter the e-bike market.

Bionx electric-assist bicycle.

Electric-assist bicycles seen as way to make it easier for people to use dedicated bike lanes in cities like Calgary in Canada.

Micah Toll with PEVO electric bicycles.

23 year old plans to manufacture his PEVO electric bicycles in Israel.


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