February Plug-In Sales Report

John Voelcker analyses February 2013 sales of plug-in cars from Chevy Volt to Toyota Prius PHV.

Published: 04-Mar-2013

U.S. sales of plug-in electric cars continued at a reduced level, as seems to happen every winter.

The best-selling electric car, the Chevrolet Volt range-extended electric car, logged deliveries of 1,626 units, compared to 1,140 last month.

That's a better number than the 1,023 Volts sold in February 2012, but not yet close to the rate required to beat last year's total of 23,461 Volt deliveries.


President Obama with Chevrolet Volt electric hybrid.

Volt reviewer Philip G. Baker observes that in order for the USA to compete with China, we need a government policy that builds up industries that are strategic, not tears them apart.

Chevrolet Volt sales in first five months of 2012 nearly equal all sales in 2011.

GM's Volt has now outsold the Leaf by 4,400 this year.

Honda will begin leasing the Fit EV this summer.

New study from International Transport Forum finds demand for electrics keeps rising as buyers are getting more choice and the technology is improving.


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