A Good Problem: California's Electric Car Charger Congestion

John Voelcker reports on the 'problem' of there being more demand for public chargers than available parking slots at times in California.

Published: 03-Mar-2013

Electric cars aren't evenly distributed across the U.S. By far the largest single market for them is California.

And in a sign of increasing adoption rates--there are now roughly 75,000 plug-in cars on the nation's roads--some electric-car drivers are facing a new problem.

Charging stations in public parking lots are now sometimes fully occupied, meaning they can't recharge their cars' batteries.


Ecotality Blink electric car chargers are attractive, but reportedly problem prone.

Despite hefty government funding, the company's electric car charging stations are faulty and its 800 number useless, write John Voelcker.

Technician sets up Aerovironment fast charge station near Cottage Grove, Oregon.

Cross Washington and Oregon proved relatively easy with amble fast charge stations; California, on the other hand, provide a challenge for Tony Williams and his daughter.

AeroVironment residential charger is relocatable.

The station comes with an installation kit and mounting template and retails for $1,099.00.


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