PHOTO CAPTION: Commuter combining best of both worlds, taking his bike aboard commuter train in Britain.

Bicycle Commuter Numbers Up 17 Pct In England, Wales

In addition, walking is up 20 pct, as is taking the train, 42 pct and light rail and underground (subway) up 45 pct.

Published: 01-Mar-2013

Steady growth in cycle commuter numbers over the last decade has seen a 17 per cent rise in commuters switching to two wheels.

In England and Wales 760,000 now cycle to work, up from 650,000 in 2001.

The numbers have been gleaned from census data by Halfords, which cites British success at the Tour de France and Olympics as well as the Government's Cycle to Work scheme as key drivers behind the rise. Cycle to Work can now be used for cycle 'safety equipment' only, following confirmation from HMRC.


Cities like Portland, San Francisco, and Washington, D.C. lead the nation in bicycling use.

Jay Walljasper suggests ways that American cities can encourage more cycling.

Nearly 70 percent of Americans' car trips are less than two miles long.

University of Wisconsin Madison study of north central US region found that short trips on bicycles could save approximately four trillion pounds of carbon dioxide emissions, 1,100 lives and $7 billion in mortality and health care costs.

Rome has also introduced bikesharing.

1,750,000 bikes were bought in 2011 in Italy compares to 1,748,000 motor vehicles in wake of austerity program and economic problems.


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