PHOTO CAPTION: $1.15M McLaren P1 supercar.

McLaren P1 Electric Hybrid Supercar to Cost $1.15 Million

McLaren plans to build just 375 of the 217.5 mph supercars, that will also have an EV-mode range up 12 miles at 30 mph.

Published: 28-Feb-2013

We know the horsepower, we know the design, now we know the speed and price of McLaren's forthcoming P1 supercar. Not surprisingly, both numbers are high.

McLaren announced Tuesday that the plug-in hybrid will cost $1.15 million when it goes on sale later this year. Just 375 copies of this car will be made.

Those 375 buyers will have at their disposal a very fast machine. McLaren says the 903-horsepower P1 will do zero to 62 mph in less than three seconds, zero to 124 mph in less than seven seconds, and zero to 186 mph in less than 17 seconds.


McLaren P1 is based on Formula 1 car and goes for $1.2 million each.

McLaren plans to only build 400 of the $1.2 million machines and nearly all of the 20 allocated to dealers in the United Arab Emirates have been sold prior to delivery.

Mclaren P1 electric hybrid supercar.

Company plans to build 375 of its 0-to-100 km/h (62 mph) supercar that gets up to 11 km (6.8 miles) in EV-mode.

McLaren P1 debuts at Paris car show.

Average price of the P1 was above £1 million.


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