PHOTO CAPTION: Nissan will introduce LEAF electric car in South Africa later this year.

South Africa Launches 'Green' Car Project

Because South Africa relies to heavily on coal for its electric power generation, the Green Car Project will rely on solar tracking installation to charge electric cars.

Published: 28-Feb-2013

A project to pilot and test the feasibility of electric vehicles and associated supporting infrastructure in South African conditions was launched by Environmental Affairs Minister Edna Molewa in Pretoria on Tuesday.

The Green Car Project is a multi-stakeholder partnership between primary partners Nissan South Africa and the Environmental Affairs Department, with support from the Departments of Trade and Industry, Transport, Energy, Science and Technology, Eskom and the South African Revenue Services, among others.

"The fundamental motivation for embarking on this project is the urgent need for South Africa to transition to a job creating, sustainable, low carbon and green economy as clearly outlined in the National Development Plan," Molewa said.


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