PHOTO CAPTION: Fiat developed 500e electric car, but only in limited numbers due to high battery costs.

Why Aren't We All Driving EVs? Let Me Count The Ways

Rui Rodrigues sees the barriers to electric vehicle adoption being more than just technical; some of the blame can be shared by industry inertia and competitive lobbying.

Published: 28-Feb-2013

Electric vehicles have seen a slow adoption curve, probably slower than most new technology products, but contrary to popular belief the main reasons are actually non-technological ones.

In the past few months, hardly a week goes by without an article from a reputable media source being published stating that the electric car is doomed.

It is a fact that industry analysts forecasted that by 2012 a significant percentage of vehicles sold would be electric so the figures are disappointing, but is this a reason to desist?


President Obama announces on March 7, 2012 the EV Everywhere Challenge Daimler Truck factory in Mt. Holly, N.C.

Goal of program is make electric vehicles more affordable and convenient to own and drive than today’s gasoline-powered vehicles within the next 10 years.

EPA rates the Coda electric car at 88 miles per charge, currently the highest range available.

Dave Herron analyses the comparative costs of the current crop of plug-in cars.

Bruce Sargent charges Nissan LEAF in Central Point, Oregon. Photo credit: AP

The stations go from the California border north to the Oregon city of Cottage Grove.


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