PHOTO CAPTION: 2013 Ford Focus Energi

Car and Driver Tests Ford's C-Max Energi Electric Hybrid

Test drive reveals car's shortcomings concluding that in 'science fiction this car may make sense... but in reality, the brave new world is still on back order.'

Published: 25-Feb-2013

Boldness is science fiction’s most important plot device. Heroes fearlessly ?warp into voids in machines that can travel light-years without refueling, gallantly confronting new challenges and achieving ones once unimaginable (until somebody in Hollywood imagines it). There’s never any hesitation when you have total confidence in the technology. And the movie-franchise potential.

But that’s Star Trek, and those guys don’t make the lease payments on their own starships. This is the 2013 Ford C-Max Energi plug-in hybrid people-mover, an urban shuttlecraft that asks you to be bold with your family’s transportation needs and to do so entirely at your own considerable expense.

The $33,745 Energi joins an exclusive list of pioneering hatchback plug-in hybrids, including the $32,795 Toyota Prius plug-in and the $39,995 Chevrolet Volt, with muscled-up battery packs and extension cords for wall charging. These three cars exist for the middling-bold of eco-buyers, or those who want all the benefits and public palaver that comes with courageously whispering along in an electric vehicle—except when they don’t. For then, after the juice runs out, the Energi and its competitors switch over to old-fashioned petroleum power, which, as dirty as it is, always trumps foot power.


Ford Focus Electric lists for $39,995.

EPA rates the Focus Electric at 99 mpg equivalent in highway driving and 110 mpg equivalent in city driving.

2012 Ford Fusion will have $295 automatic stop-start feature to save fuel.

Fusion's Auto Start-Stop option will help drivers save as much as $1,100 over five years at today's fuel prices, Ford announces.

Men's Health Ford Focus EV

Men's Health team plan to drive from New York City to Santa Monica in 10 days in Ford Focus EV.


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