PHOTO CAPTION: Computer illustration of proposed Silex Chreos all-electric luxury sedan with a projected range of 620 miles.

Maltese Firm Plans Limited Production Luxury Electric Car

Plan is to build 300 of the 186 mph luxury sedans using a 'lithium battery variant' with an energy density of 400Wh/kg, double that of current lithium batteries.

Published: 25-Feb-2013

Silex Power, a small firm from the island nation of Malta, has cooked up a rather unique upper-market electric vehicle concept which, if it actually hits production in 2015, could rival the likes of Tesla Motors for performance and range.

Dubbed the Chreos, a limited run of 300 models are planned according to Technologic Vehicles, so one can expect this car to be rather expensive.

Figures on the Chreos, as far as Silex spins them anyhow [PDF], are very impressive. Driven by four electric motors, one in each wheel, the car is capable of 640bhp of power and 4400Nm of torque.


Tazzari Zero parked on street in Malta would be classified as an electric quadricycle.

A grant of €4,000 will be given to persons registering an electric car and €1,500 to those registering an electric quadricyle.


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