Will US Let China Own Advanced Battery Manufacturing?

U.S. critics see sales of advanced battery manufacturing to Chinese firms as 'pure stupidity.'

Published: 25-Feb-2013

It sounded so logical at the time.

Over the past several years, Michigan and the federal government invested billions of dollars in companies developing advanced batteries to power electric cars, which some saw as eventually replacing gasoline-powered vehicles.

President Barack Obama and then-Gov. Jennifer Granholm repeatedly said that investing in batteries was critical in ensuring that the cars of the future would be built in Michigan and other parts of the United States.


Ford Focus Electric chassis. 23kWh battery pack mounted in the rear.

Based on the price of the Focus Electric and size of the battery pack, Ford would be paying between $522 and $650 a kilowatt-hour for its electric-vehicle batteries.

IBM Almaden Research Center near San Jose, California, site of 500 Mile Battery effort.

Goal of effort is to develop lithium-air battery that can rival gasoline in energy density, making electric cars viable.

IBM lithium-air prototype 'Swagelok Cells'

Demonstration of working lithium-air battery may lead to production model for use in electric vehicles sometime after 2020, IBM researchers say.


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