PHOTO CAPTION: Joe Siudzinski with his Corbin Sparrow single-seat electric commuter.

SF Bay Area Trending Towards Electric Vehicles

Ellie Van Houtte chronicles the adoption of electric vehicles in and around Los Altos, California in part one of a two-part series.

Published: 21-Feb-2013

Like a swarm of bees, curious bystanders hover on the sidewalk, pointing fingers at what looks like the Jetson family’s car of choice. Bright orange with blue stripes and white spots, the sporty electric-powered Corbin Sparrow owned by Los Altos Hills resident Joe Siudzinski receives plenty of attention wherever it goes.

After discovering the potential of living off the grid while traveling by sailboat around the world, Siudzinski installed solar panels on his home and purchased his first electric scooter in the early 1990s. Today, Siudzinski and his wife own six all-electric and hybrid-electric vehicles and haven’t paid for electricity in six years.

“By the time I’d finished sailing, I’d sort of turned to the green camp,” Siudzinski said. “The world’s climate is changing dramatically, and we’ve got to do something not only at the world, national and local level, but also on a personal level.”


Corbin Sparrows came in rainbow of colors.

Is the world ready now for Mike Corbin's 'best idea,' a single seat electric three-wheeled commuter?


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