PHOTO CAPTION: Prototype Suzuki electric motocycle powered by Intelligent Energy fuel cell system.

Suzuki, Intelligent Energy Debut Ready-to-Scale Fuel Cell Production Plant

SMILE FC joint venture aims to accelerate commercialization of Suzuki's fuel cell vehicles, including motor scooters.

Published: 21-Feb-2013

On its first anniversary, SMILE FC – the joint venture between Intelligent Energy and Suzuki Motor Corporation – has successfully established a ready-to-scale production plant for its fuel cell systems in Yokohama, Japan.

The manufacturing centre will be scaled up to supply fuel cell stacks for integration with Suzuki vehicles. The production line will build upon Intelligent Energy’s semi-automated fuel cell production technology. Higher volumes of manufacturing facilitate reductions in production costs as well as enhanced product quality.

SMILE FC has access to Intelligent Energy’s fuel cell technology under a non-exclusive license, and aims to accelerate the commercialisation of Suzuki’s fuel cell vehicles, particularly scooters.


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