Tesla Plans for White Plains, NY Service Center Slowed By Approval Process

What would be the first service facility of its type in the region sits in an industrial neighborhood occupied by auto body shops and junk cars; yet the opening is being delayed by what are said to be a 'thicket of federal environmental safeguards.'

Published: 20-Feb-2013

Six months after Tesla Motors started marketing luxury electric cars at The Westchester mall, the pioneering automaker won limited approval earlier this month for a White Plains shop to service them.

Said to be the first such facility anywhere in the county, the 8,000-square-foot service center will fit into a neighborhood of cinderblock buildings and chain-link fences, snugly wedged between I-287 and Delfino Park. But when it will open and what services it can provide for these environmentally friendly autos remain uncertain, still subject to a thicket of federal environmental safeguards.

Tesla’s Bradley Hoffman made three appearances earlier this month before the city’s Zoning Board of Appeals in pursuit of a special-use permit for the center, in a building at 18 Belway Place. To his surprise as much as anyone, he succeeded on his third try.


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