Indiana Lawmakers Calling For Hybrid Road Tax

A new proposal would require owners of clean energy vehicles to pay a road use tax in place of gas tax.

Published: 18-Feb-2013

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. - Some people who are saving on gas with hybrid cars may need to pay up in a new way.

A new proposal is heading toward the Indiana House and would tax hybrid vehicle owners.

Some state lawmakers say there's a necessity to create a new tax in order to pay for good roads, our sister station WTHI reports.


Nissan's NV200 is currently gasoline-powered, but an electric version is being tested in Europe.

Bill would allow the TLC to approve electric vehicles for use as long as they meet the commission’s safety criteria.

Airbus A320 using DLR electric taxi system

The latest cell would deliver about 100kW to the aircraft, compared with the 25kW from a pallet-mounted system tested in 2008.

Toyota Prius Yellow Cab plying the streets of New York City.

Jordan government calls on taxi cab owners to switch to hybrids is met with skepticism by Transport Services and Taxi Owners Union.


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