PHOTO CAPTION: Lola Drayson electric IMP racer prototype

Racing Will Make Electric Cars Cool

The advent of Formula One-style racing will not only introduce new technologies, but allow more people to see them perform; though organizers will have to create new types of races and rules for them.

Published: 18-Feb-2013

There’s no way to go at it any differently, this new electric propulsion system will get a chunk of the heart of the population when it races them. If you think about it, racing has always played an essential role in the automotive world that sees new technology first tested on the racetrack before making it into our daily drivers.

Fast, Speed, Range? The problem with racing electric cars is that none of the current races fit what these new cars can do. We cannot see just yet an electric Formula One car race duking it out for hours with the current state of technology that would limit such duels to a few lapses with long recharge time out. Of course there are different races we must create, the hardest part if winning the people over to it.

Getting People To Try Something New. If you’re a sports fan, you’ll know how far you’ll go for your favorite team. Racing is no different, but what needs to happen with racing electric vehicles is that people don’t expect a rematch of what the gasoline world does right now. In essence, people need to be intrigued about racing an electric car in ways that doesn’t remind them of what they’re used to, so they don’t ask for it either.


Lord Paul Drayson with his Lola-based electric racer.

Interview with Lord Paul Drayson on his efforts to promote electric car racing.

Formula 1 KERS kinetic energy recovery system

Formula One could be the perfect test-bed for many of the electrical innovations of interest to the automobile industry.

Brammo has been strong competitor in previous TTXGP races.

Starting in 2013, the organization will host four events to be held in conjunction with FIM motorcycle races in Europe and the U.S


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