Ontario Community Wants to Get On Electric Car 'Bandwagon

London, Ontario's director environmental programs and solid waste, Jay Stanford sees electric cars taking off over the next five years and it's his job to help the city prepare by identifying the best locations for public chargers.

Published: 17-Feb-2013

Stanford realizes the market in London for electric cars is caught in something of a catch-22, but he is determined to find the solution.

Stanford, London, Ontario’s director environmental programs and solid waste, said the recent offer by a pair of companies to donate electric car chargers to the city could be just what the market needs to take off. In fact, Stanford predicts the electric car market will take off over the next five years, largely because of ever increasing fuel prices.

But before that happens, Stanford said a delicate balance needs to be found.

“We don’t want the cart before the horse and have a whole bunch of chargers out there and no cars. Which doesn’t look good,” Stanford said. “But if you have a whole bunch of cars out there and no chargers, that doesn’t look good either.”


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