California Lawmakers Proposing Medium-Speed Electric Vehicle Law

Assembly Bill 225 would prohibit medium speed - greater than current 25 mph federal limit - electric vehicles from freeways and major highways, but would allow them to travel 35 mph or faster, as is allowed in 10 other states.

Published: 17-Feb-2013

A pair of Riverside County lawmakers want to pave the way for more environmentally friendly all-electric vehicles to cruise the streets of California cities.

Assembly members Brian Nestande, R-Palm Desert, and Jose Medina, D-Riverside, have introduced a bill that would open that door by creating a new vehicle classification in California: medium-speed electric vehicles.

What they are targeting is something that isn't built for the fast-flowing open highway, and their Assembly Bill 225 wouldn't let such cars drive on the freeway or major roads. But the legislation would clear the way for the vehicles to travel across town on streets where speed limits are posted at 45 mph or lower, Nestande said last week.



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