PHOTO CAPTION: Close up, cutaway view of Proteam Drive in-wheel electric drive motor.

Protean Improves In-Wheel Electric Vehicle Motor

First shown at SAE 2012 World Congress, the in-wheel electric drive motor, which will begin limited product in China over the next 12 months, now offers more peak torque and improved efficiency, says the company.

Published: 16-Feb-2013

Protean Electric’s production Protean Drive in-wheel electric drive motor has more peak torque and a better efficiency range than last year’s prototype design shown at the SAE 2013 World Congress. The system will help enable the transition of the global automotive industry to hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and electric vehicles, the company says. It is a direct-drive permanent-magnet machine with the motor electronics integrated inside each motor. This allows for easier vehicle integration and uses a conventional wheel, tire, hub, and bearing.

The system can also be retrofitted to vehicles currently on the road because the motors do not require any body-in-white or underhood modifications. Low-volume production is scheduled to begin over the next 12 months in Liyang, China.

Protean’s in-wheel solution provides fuel economy improvements across a range of vehicles of up to 30% depending on battery size. It fits within the space of a conventional 18-in road wheel, simplifying vehicle integration. What Protean calls "superior" regenerative braking capabilities allow up to 85% of the available kinetic energy to be recovered during braking.


Protean Electric In-Wheel motor

Chinese funding will enable company to move aggressively to production and into the market.

Protean Electric In-Wheel Motor

Each in-wheel motor develops 75kW peak (100 hp) and in a hybrid configurations can improve fuel economy by 30 percent.

Cutaway of Protean In-Wheel electric motors.

Bob Purcell heads up Protean, developers of new in-wheel electric motor that can help speed the adoption of a wide-range of electric-drive vehicles.


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