Hyundai SUV Shows Promise of Hydrogen Fuel Cell Future

Latest generation of Hyundai fuel cell vehicle would run upward of $200,000USD, ten times the cost of gasoline model, but carmakers are banking on cost reductions by the time they start selling them after 2015.

Published: 15-Feb-2013

Like a regular SUV, Hyundai's fuel-cell-powered Tucson lets you cover about 370 miles on a single tank. Its silent power system and familiar six-speed automatic transmission make highways and city streets quieter than ever. In fact, there's not much you can't do with the hydrogen-cell Tucson that you can't do with a regular Tucson -- except fill'er up. And, for the moment, afford 'er.

This isn’t the model found at dealerships. Not yet. But Hyundai is already leasing hydrogen-powered vehicles to city fleets, Copenhagen for one, and it plans to begin marketing to consumers by 2015.

Punch the ignition button, tap the pedal and you’re off. A comforting, jet-like whirring steps up with the acceleration. The motor is responsive. The Tucson chassis and suspension handle well. And the interior creature comforts -- love the heated seats -- make it competitive with any conventional gasoline-burning vehicle in its class.


Hyundai i-oniq plug-in hybrid concept car.

i-oniq plug-in hybrid is powered by 1.0-litre, 3-cylinder petrol engine mated, via a generator, to a lithium ion electric motor; it has electric range of 120 km.

Tucsan ix Fuel Cell Vehicle

Based on the Tucson IX, the FCEV will have a a sticker price of $88,550 before incentives.

Hyundai FCEV, one of two that drove across Europe.

Pair of Hyundai iX35 FCEV’s drove 1,400 miles from Scandinavia to the French Riviera on hydrogen only.


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