Wind Cheaper Than Fossil Fuels in Australia, Solar Not Far Behind

Bloomberg New Energy Finance study finds that even subtracting the $23AUS carbon tax, wind power can generate power more cheaply than new coal plants.

Published: 13-Feb-2013

According to the latest research from Bloomberg New Energy Finance, electricity from wind power can now be supplied more cheaply in Australia than power from either coal or natural gas — and solar and other forms of renewable energy aren’t far behind.

Older coal-fired power plants from the 70s and 80s still compete at lower prices than renewables — but only because their construction costs have depreciated. For the deployment of any new power generation in Australia, renewables now appear to be the way to go.

Australia currently charges polluters $23 in Australian dollars per metric ton of carbon they emit, but the study concluded that wind power would still undercut fossil fuels even without that correction of the market’s failure to properly build in the costs of carbon pollution:


Wind turbines could provide 20 times current world energy needs.

Near-surface winds could provide more than 20 times today's global power demand and wind turbines on kites could potentially capture 100 times the current global power demand.

British Prime Minister David Cameron (center) inspects Citroen electric car equipped with Qualcomm wireless charging.

David Cameron argues that more wind energy to power electric cars is needed to replace the petrol (gasoline) used to power ICE-age cars.


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