PHOTO CAPTION: Volkswagen Blue-e-Motion Golf electric car prototype.

VW Exec Discusses Company's Global EV Strategy

Volkswagen executives discusses charging strategies and need for breakthroughs in battery energy capacity.

Published: 24-Jan-2013

German carmaker Volkswagen has been among the leaders of the green car race with its BlueMotion vehicles and the forthcoming introduction of the Blue E-Motion Golf electric car (also known as the e-Golf, pictured): and now it has revealed part of its electrification strategy for the near future.

Speaking to journalists at the VW Electronics Research Laboratory in Belmont, California, Volkswagen executives spoke about VW’s Strategie 18: where it hopes to surpass Toyota’s worldwide vehicle sales after selling 9.07million vehicles compared to Toyota’s 9.7million during 2012. Assuming 10million vehicles were sold per year in 2018, Volkswagen believes it would have to sell around 300,000 plug-in vehicles to meet this milestone.

Part of this strategy is plug-in charging, with the gathering marking the introduction of Eaton’s quick charger. It has a maximum output of 50kW and is equipped with the new SAE J1772 combined charging system for both AC and DC charging: with Volkswagen and Eaton both declaring they will support the CHAdeMO standard if it prevails. According to Eaton, it would not be difficult to equip the DC charger with connectors for either standard.


VW Passat equipped with LC Super Hybrid system

VW Passat TSI's LC Super Hybrid technologies comprise an electric supercharger, next generation belt-integrated starter generator and advanced lead-acid batteries.

Volkswagen Golf EV

Twelve of the E-Golf test vehicles will be given to Volkswagen employees, the rest will be distributed in Detroit, San Francisco, and Washington, D.C. beginning in April.

VW E-Bugster Cabrio electric concept.

E-Bugster Cabrio will be powered by an electric motor that produces 114 horsepower enabling the two-seat Beetle speedster to accelerate from 0-60 in 10.8. Range is up to 111 miles.


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