Millennials Want Greener Cars, Connectivity

McKinsey survey of young adults in U.S. and Germany still view cars favorably, but want them to be more sustainable, as well as offer enhanced connectivity.

Published: 24-Jan-2013

You can’t have a conversation with any group in the automotive industry without a shaking of heads and sad looks agreeing, that, yes, the young are just not interested in cars anymore.

But that’s not true, according to a new survey from management consultants McKinsey & Co.

On the contrary, car ownership is still seen as an important status symbol, but with important differences; the car has to show how clever and discerning the buyer is in choosing a vehicle that reflects concern with the environment and sustainability, while demonstrating technology that is top of the class in seeking to plug itself in to their smart phones.


18-34 year-old cohorts cycled 24%  more between 2001-2009.

Average miles travelled by car by 18-34 year olds in America feel between 2001 and 2009 from 10,300 to 7,900 miles.


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