Coda Slashes Price of Electric Car $25,000

John Voelcker speculates that move is a 'fire sale' to move cars, especially since the company isn't responding to inquiries.

Published: 18-Jan-2013

Coda Automotive, the startup maker that builds the 2012 Coda Sedan electric car, is going through some very tough times.

But it looks like one of its three dealers is trying to figure out the right price point for the all-electric compact sedan--which was originally priced at $38,145, including a destination charge of $895.

Several days ago, Coda Silicon Valley advertised five brand-new Coda Sedans for $24,995 the price of after a "dealer discount" of $14,744 (buyers still likely have to add the $895).


Coda electric car goes on sale Spring of 2012.

Coda has a pending application with the Energy Department under the $25 billion Advanced Technology Vehicle Loan program to develop vehicles in the United States.

Coda Sedan electric car.

Dave Herron gives his view of the Coda electric car, which the company claims is cost competitive with Toyota Prius over 5 year period.

Coda electric car sells for $27,000 after federal and state rebates.

At about $27,000 after government rebates, the new CODA directly competes with the Nissan Leaf.


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