PHOTO CAPTION: VIA X-Truck Concept purportedly has EV-mode range of up to 35-miles

VIA Reveals Plug-in X-Truck

VIA's X-Truck concept pickup is powered by a 24 kWh liquid-cooled lithium-ion battery pack driving a 402hp e-motor, as well as a 5.3L V8 gasoline generator.

Published: 18-Jan-2013

The name Bob Lutz is no doubt familiar to those of you who closely follow the auto industry, but for the rest of you, know that he is considered the father of the Chevy Volt. Lutz left GM after a long and storied career, though he now finds himself heading VIA, a plug-in hybrid truck company which recently unveiled an 800 horsepower concept called the X-Truck.

VIA has been around for a few years, promoting its $79,000 hybrid pickup trucks as solutions for commercial truck fleets. Based on GM vehicles like the Chevy Silverado and Express Van, VIA adds large battery packs that power electric motors, which are in turn charged by an onboard gasoline engine. The X-Truck uses this same premise, but takes it to the next level.

Rather than one 402 horsepower electric motor, the VIA X-Truck has two, powered by a 24 kWh liquid-cooled lithium-ion battery pack. The generator engine in this case is a 5.3 liter V8 engine, and VIA claims that the X-Truck has a 35-mile all-electric range before the generator kicks in once the battery reaches a 20% charge. MPG numbers with the generator on weren’t mentioned, but it’ll no doubt be better than your standard gas-powered pickup. Oh, and 800 horsepower, because race truck.


Via Motors eREV 15kW power module.

VIA Motors eREV is harbinger of how the differently the grid will be managed with the vehicles 15kW power capacity and 50kW module now in development.

Chevrolet quad-cab pickup powered by Via Motor's electric hybrid drive.

Equipped with 125kW generator, a single electric hybrid work truck could help power a neighborhood in the event of an emergency like Hurricane Sandy.

Via Motors electric hybrid offers up to 35-40 miles of EV range before reverting to hybrid mode.

$20 million deal will provide matching funds for 50 corporate fleets in the US to purchase pickups and vans equipped with Via Motors plug-in electric hybrid drive system.


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