PHOTO CAPTION: VW Cross Coupe Concept. Photo credit: EV World

Volkswagen Introduces Twin Plug-In Concept Cars in Detroit

CrossBlue and Cross Couple Concepts both make use of diesel hybrid-electric power trains, giving the CrossBlue a range of up to 14 miles in electric mode.

Published: 16-Jan-2013

At the Detroit Auto Show, Volkswagen showed not just one but two concepts with diesel plug-in hybrid powertrains.

VW not only unveiled its CrossBlue Concept for a mid-size seven-passenger crossover, it also showed the CrossCoupe Concept it had premiered last year at the Beijing Auto Show.

Together, the turbodiesel engine and electric motors together put out a whopping 516 lb-ft of torque when all four wheels are powered.


Volkwagen Blue E Motion electric car based on Golf.

VW expects pure electric, hybrid and range-extended electric vehicles to account for just 3 percent of its overall sales by 2018.

Volkswagen Golf Blue E-Motion electric hybrid prototype.

Volkswagen plans plug-in electric hybrid versions of the Passat and Golf models in 2014.

VW 2013 Jetta Turbo.

The Jetta Hybrid is about 20% less thirsty than a similarly powered sedan with a conventional drivetrain, according to Volkswagen.


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