PHOTO CAPTION: Wirelessly charging Chevrolet Volt

Momentum Demonstrates Wireless Charging of Chevy Volt

Momentum Dynamics wireless charger can deliver 20,000 watts of power comapred to 3,210 watts for typical AC Level II conductive charger.

Published: 21-Dec-2012

Excitingly, Momentum Dynamics Corporation has announced that it was able to wirelessly charge a Chevy Volt. The company also proudly noted that it provides the safety and all-weather automatic operation that wireless charging can offer. (The safety benefit is basically only outdoors, where the vehicle would be exposed to water.)

Momentum Dynamics was able to provide 20,000 watts of power to the vehicle. Typical 120-volt, 15-amp power outlets cannot provide more than 1,800 watts of power, and typical 240-volt, 13-amp outlets cannot provide more than 3,120 watts of power.

There are 240-volt power outlets that can be set up to deliver 50 amps (12,000 watts), though.


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