PHOTO CAPTION: Coda EV boasts longest range of moderately-priced electric sedans currently on the market

Does Air Bag Recall Reveal Pace of CODA EV Sales?

NHSTA recall affects 78 cars, though Coda isn't saying publicly how its sales are going.

Published: 28-Aug-2012

Coda Automotive, the start-up Los Angles electric car company, said it started to sell its $37,250 car in March but has been mum about sales figures.

While Coda still isn’t talking publically about how many cars it is selling, one figure came out in a recall notice issued by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Coda appears to have delivered 78 vehicles at most, according to the recall, which will fix side curtain airbags that were not installed properly and might not deploy in the event of an accident.


Coda electric car.

Susan Carpenter reviews the Coda electric car, concluding if cars came in flavors, Coda's debut would be classic vanilla.

Coda and GE partner on Wattstation offering.

Collaboration creates a “one-stop shopping” experience for consumers by creating the opportunity to have the GE WattStation EV charging station and the CODA electric vehicle at the same retail outlets.

Coda electric sedan

125-mile range model will cost less than $30,000 with $7,500 tax credit.


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