Shanghai Considers Free License Plates for Electric Cars

The average price of a private Shanghai license plate in July was 58,271 yuan ($9,140), up 44 yuan on the previous month.

Published: 27-Aug-2012

Shanghai authorities are considering giving free license plates to owners of energy-saving vehicles, in an effort to encourage the use of electric models, said the chief engineer of the country's largest domestic carmaker.

Ling Tianjun, chief engineer of Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation, told China Daily that subsidies will be offered to buyers and tax rebates to companies, to help ease the expected high costs involved in buying the new generation of vehicles.

He added that he considered free plates a good incentive to encourage purchases of such vehicles, which are expected to gain a larger market share in the years to come.


Opel RAK electric runabout concept.

Two and three passenger commuters like those debuted at 2011 Frankfurt Auto Show could be important options for drivers in Chinese cities.

Chevrolet Volt launches at Auto Guangzhou 2011

China also agreed to grant the same tax credits for buying electric vehicles made by foreign-owned companies that it currently only awards to Chinese-manufactured EVs

Foton electric taxis

Beijing municipal government plans to add 100 electric taxis to current fleet of 50.


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