Electric Bike Leader Currie Moving to Simi Valley

Relocation from Chatsworth is to make it easier and safer for employees to commute by electric bicycle.

Published: 27-Aug-2012

A developer and distributor of electric bicycles has decided to move from Chatsworth to Simi Valley, bringing 50 employees and possibly new jobs.

"Our lease was up in Chatsworth and we really thought Simi was a better environment for our company and our employees," said Larry Pizzi, CEO of Currie Technologies, which will move at the end of November.

Currie Technologies' staffing fluctuates depending on the time of year, but it averages about 50 employees. Pizzi expects that number will grow because the company has grown as active baby boomers age and high gas prices drive people to look for alternative transportation.


Currie Technologies E-flow electric bicycle

eFlow® E3 Nitro features high-capacity Samsung lithium-ion battery pack integrated into the bike's seatpost for a sleek design and convenient charging in or away from the bike.

Protanium Au2Bahn electric-assist bicycle

Companies will be adding Au2Bahn, Karden Shaft Drive Motor prototype and Fixie Lite.

Currie Technologies iFlow electric-assist bicycles

Electric-assist bicycles are hugely popular in China, increasingly so in Europe and are 'on the cusp of becoming a mainstream product' in North America.


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