BYD's Chairman on the Future of His Company

Economic Observer interview with Wang Chuanfu, the chairman of BYD.

Published: 27-Aug-2012

Since a high-profile accident involving one of BYD's e6 electric vehicles earlier this year, doubts have been raised about the rechargeable battery and automobile manufacturer’s business model. Many have noted a contrast between now and where the company stood three years ago when Warren Buffett, the legendary American investor, bought a significant stake in the company via Berkshire Hathaway.

Responding to these doubts, Wang Chuanfu (???), the chairman of BYD, admits mistakes have been made but he insists that BYD has gained more than it has lost over the past three years. He spoke with the Economic Observer about where his company is and where it’s headed.

The Economic Observer: There are different views about BYD batteries. Just how good are BYD batteries?


BYD eBus with Alcoa-developed aluminum space frame.

Reduced weight allows all-electric transit bus to improve overall range by at least 10 percent, claims Alcoa.

BYD e6 electric tax. Photo credit: Rani Bongiovanni

BYD sold a total of 309 E6 cars to taxi-fleet operators and individual motorists in the first 11 months of last year


First pure electric city bus to be deployed in Espoo city, outside of Helsinki.


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