PHOTO CAPTION: Lightning Motorcycles has been winning all-electric races in USA.

Lightning Motorcycles Taking to the Streets

The street Lightning will be built to order from top to bottom to your heart’s content.

Published: 27-Aug-2012

Richard Hatfield, CEO and founder of Lightning Motorcycles whom I’ve had the privilege to meet in the past is quick to say that electric sport bike will change the minds of anyone who rides one. The Lightning is not only the fastest motorcycle you’ll probably ride, but according to Troy Siahaan on Motorcycle, it is the most performance he’s seen on any bikes, gasoline included. That is high praise indeed. I will have an interview with Richard coming up soon but in the meantime, enjoy his latest talk with CNN.

Those who doubt electric vehicles, EV in general have never driven one. Unfortunately, many never get to experience the thrill of the 100% available torque an electric motor has to offer on a motorcycle. The electric revolution will come through the electric motorcycle that much is sure.

Lightning Hits The Streets


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Lightning electric motorcycle's best lap time just 8 seconds slower than later set by winning Harley XR1200.

Speculation is that Lightning GT electric sports car could cost $230,000.

The Lightning GT will do the 0 to 60 in under 5 seconds, with a recommended top speed of 200 km/h, 160 MPH; range is expected to average 150 miles.


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