Plug-In Hybrid Applications for HOV Lane Stickers Slow

As of Aug. 3, the state had issued 2,643 decals to Prius Plug-In owners and 1,114 to Volt owners

Published: 22-Aug-2012

Fewer than 4,000 of California’s green carpool lane stickers—targeted to promote sales of plug-in hybrids—have been issued so far, according to figures from the California Department of Motor Vehicles. As of Aug. 3, the state had issued 2,643 decals to Prius Plug-In owners and 1,114 to Volt owners, according to a report in North County Times.

The stickers give owners of plug-in hybrids access to the carpool lane, even if driving solo. The Prius Plug-in Hybrid reported its first sales in April. Chevy Volts became eligible for HOV lane sticker in February, after it earned status as an enhanced alternative technology, partial zero emission vehicle (or eAT-PZEV). General Motors added a secondary air-injection pump to clean up the Volt's emissions, which thereby qualified Chevy's plug-in hybrid for the green sticker.

White Clean Air Vehicle Stickers are available to an unlimited number of qualifying pure zero emissions vehicles, like the Nissan LEAF and Ford Focus Electric. But only 40,000 green stickers for plug-in hybrids will be issued. The expiration date for both stickers is January 1, 2015.


Chevrolet Spark EV electric car drive-system cutaway.

Spark EV will be sold in limited quantities in select U.S. and global markets starting in 2013, including California.

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2012 Chevrolet Volt

While numbers are comparatively small based on limited supplies, Canadians are favoring the Volt more than two-to-one over the LEAF.


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