Group Forecasts 130 Million Electric Vehicles By 2025

Global Information’s report states that battery electric vehicles will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 15% between 2011-2020 provided that government subsidies continue unabated.

Published: 22-Aug-2012

The decline of the internal combustion engine will be gradual as cleaner alternatives take hold. A market research company is predicting that annual sales of electric vehicles will reach 130 million units sold annually by 2025, which while encouraging, falls far short of today’s automobile sales.

Global Information Inc. yesterday announced a report that forecasts the electric vehicle market’s outlook over the next ten years. It credits government support for making EVs more affordable and advancing the perception that they are now a viable alternative to gasoline powered vehicles.

130 million units sold might sound impressive, but is comparatively weak next to sales of gasoline-powered vehicles. Over a million new car sales are projected in the United States this year alone. Note that the report’s EV tally includes light electric vehicles such as motorcycles and three wheelers, which are very popular in Asia. The outlook for cars is less clear.


NRG operated evGo fast charging station in Dallas, Texas.

The answer is, lots of places, especially if you live where the first electric cars are being sold.

2012 Chevy Volt is now $1,000 less than 2011 model

Kiplinger Money Power's Jessica Anderson explains that while the purchase price of Volts and Leaf's are high, 'both have super-low five-year ownership costs.'

EVI Step-in Van similar to those being ordered by UPS.

Class six trucks have range of 90 miles and will be placed in service in South Coast Air Basin, San Joaquin Valley, and the Sacramento Valley.


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