PHOTO CAPTION: Portland, Oregon streetcar

Streetcar Plans Plow Ahead in U.S. Cities

The revival in streetcar projects comes in part because of federal backing as the result of some $450 million in federal funding for 12 projects across the company.

Published: 20-Aug-2012

Cities from Los Angeles to Atlanta are making big bets to revitalize their downtowns by bringing back a form of transportation many abandoned decades ago: the streetcar.

Some cities are counting on help from federal stimulus dollars, but a few are going it alone.

Late last month, about 500 residents in one part of Kansas City, Mo., voted to create a special taxing district to raise $75 million over about two decades for a streetcar. In the same week, Cincinnati officials passed a measure to allow about $15 million to be spent on a 3.6-mile loop. And in Los Angeles, the city council approved a plan to ask voters if they are willing to pay additional taxes for a four-mile downtown streetcar loop.



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