PHOTO CAPTION: Electric Ford Transit Connect being charged in UK.

More Than 60 Pct of Britons Now Would Consider Electric Vehicles

Additionally, two-thirds of dealers believe customers in Britain are receptive to buying an EV.

Published: 20-Aug-2012

A new survey published by Motor Trader and British Gas has revealed that UK car dealers believe that the majority of their customers are open to the idea of purchasing an Electric Vehicle (EV).

The research found that 32.9 percent of their customers would consider buying an EV at the moment, and a further 30.8 percent believed that customers would be more open to exploring EVs if they were provided with more information. On the flip side, less than a third of the dealers surveyed thought that their customers would not be at all receptive to EVs.

Commenting on the results, Dan Taylor, British Gas’s Director of New Ventures, said: “It’s encouraging to see two-thirds of dealers believe customers are receptive to buying an EV. People do have a massive issue with the rise in petrol and diesel prices over the last couple of years.”


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