PHOTO CAPTION: Henrik Fisker with Atlantic, less pricey version of Karma; both are plug-in hybrids.

Fisker Said to Be Seeking $150 Million for Next Model

So far, company is believed to have raised some $1 billion, but is looking for more to fund Atlantic and hit break even point.

Published: 17-Aug-2012

It’s no secret that Fisker has been walking a financial tightrope without a net, ever since the Department of Energy froze the $529 million loan to the hybrid car company. Now it appears as if they are hitting the bottom of the piggy bank, as Ray Lane, one of Fisker’s directors and managing partners, has released in an interview that they need more money to finance their next car.

According to reports, Fisker has raised an impressive $400 million in the last 12 months, but still needs an additional $150 million to help fund its next model and hit the breakeven point. This is likely not even the last of the fundraising, as Lane also alluded to the possibility of Fisker having to schmooze investors for a little more money in 2013.

After the company is no longer running at an operating loss, Lane also anticipates the company releasing an initial public offering, making Fisker a publicly traded company. If recent IPOs are any indication of the future IPO market Fisker may want to rethink that plan.


Leonardo Di Caprio takes delivery of his Fisker Karma.

Latest funding round would value the company at $2.2billion.

Fisker Karmas at Roadshow exhibit in Tampa, Florida. Photo credit:

Fisker investor to finally get to drive the car he invested him as Karma comes to Ft. Lauderdale.

Fisker Surf teaser concept.

Surf would fit into Crossover/Shooting Brake type vehicle class using Quantum electric hybrid drive found in Karma.


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