More Manufacturers Rolling Out E-Bikes at EuroBike 2012

Annual Eurobike show seeing increasing in electric-assist bicycle exhibitors from Asia and Europe.

Published: 16-Aug-2012

Looking at the number of market entrants and product innovations, the 2013 season is shaping up to be yet another successful year for e-bikes. This seems certain in light of the new products slated to be shown at Eurobike.

All signs point to a significant growth of the e-bike market next year, with several new types of drive systems and new manufacturers entering the market like AEG.

First time exhibitors
Until 2012 the number of drive systems currently available could easily be counted on two hands. In 2013, more hands are needed for that. For example, one new manufacturer of e-bike systems that has registered to attend Eurobike this year for the first time is the long-established brand AEG.


Smart e-bike is equipped with 250W motor, which limit for electric-assist bicycles in Europe.

Sales of pedal-assist bicycles in Europe have been robust, more than tripling from 200,000 units in 2007 to 700,000 last year.

Stealth Electric Bikes USA new 'Hurricane' Model

The new and lighter Hurricane bike series is available in 2 models with competition-mode peak power topping out at 5,000 Watts

Commuting bia Powabyke

'Grey market' of over 30s seen supplanting their cars with electric-assist bicycles.


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