PHOTO CAPTION: Ford Focus Electric carries sticker price of $39,995 before federal tax credit.

Why Todd Woody Didn't By a Ford Focus Electric Car

Faced with steep monthly lease payments for a Ford Focus Electric and the challenges that come with the car’s 76-mile range on a charge, Forbes writer ends up buying a non-electric Focus instead.

Published: 15-Aug-2012

Back in June, I had the opportunity to drive the new Ford Focus Electric for two weeks and was so impressed by the car’s quality, performance and fun factor that I concluded it was a Tesla Model S for the middle class.

So when I reluctantly decided it was time to trade in my 11-year-old Toyota RAV4 I began lusting after the sporty battery-powered European-styled hatchback. But my quest to drive carbon free underscores the challenges that remain in selling electric cars to the mass market.

First I had to figure out where I would plug in the car. My cluttered 1928-vintage garage seemed too tight a fit but the city of Berkeley would not let me install an outdoor charger so I incentivized my teenager to sell the furniture taking up garage space. I put the kayak in the backyard and Zipcar’d a gasoline Ford Focus to see if it would fit. Voila, it did with literally just a few inches to spare.


Toyota Hybrid Synergy Drive on display at 2009 Detroit Auto Show. Photo credit: EV

Official remarks in Dearborn, MI by Toyota Motor Corporation Executive Vice President Takeshi Uchiyamada.

Ford EVOS concept 2012

Powersplit electric hybrid drive allows the electric motor and petrol engine to work together or separately to maximise efficiency.

Ford E-Bike

Ford E-Bike Concept has been created from the ground up to appeal to both men and women.


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