PHOTO CAPTION: Rieju Mius electric scooter

Accell Group Sees E-Scooters As Next Growth Market

Accell Group CEO René Takens sees the 'speed pedelec category' or e-Mopeds as next area of growth in the wheeled market.

Published: 15-Aug-2012

It is just a matter of time before the first Raleigh, Batavus, Winora, Ghost, Lapierre branded light electric scooters will make their entry on their markets. Such models are now on the R&D drawing boards of those Accell Group brands, said CEO René Takens (photo) in an interview with Bike Europe.

In this interview which is published in Bike Europe’s August issue that is reaching its readers throughout the world this week, the Accell Group CEO shows to be a strong believer in the success of this new category.

Sales boom expected
Bike Europe asked him: “Next to electric bicycles there’s another category of electric two-wheelers for which a sales boom is expected in the near future. It’s for the speed pedelec category, with vehicles that look more like scooters compared to bicycles. Do you share this expectation?”



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