Hybrid Car Sales No Longer Driven By Gasoline Prices

Hybrid sales in June were more than double those of a year ago, and up 67% in July from the same month in 2011.<

Published: 15-Aug-2012

Sales of hybrid electric cars have followed a consistent pattern, surging when gas prices spike and then sliding when gas prices fall.

Until this year, that is.

A strong supply, expanded lineup and a sense that high-cost energy is here to stay combined to keep hybrid sales strong this spring and summer, before pump prices pushed higher.


Brabus-converted Mercedes Benz Hybrid using Protean wheel motors.

Technology Project Hybrid incorporates four direct-drive Protean Electric motors on each wheel, as well as retaining the 2.2-liter common-rail turbodiesel engine.

CPT's module microhybrid equipped VW Passat.

Incremental manufacturing cost is €50-60 for every 1 per cent reduction in CO2 emissions compared with the €200-500 per cent typical for full hybrids.

Porsche Cayenne Hybrid

A tale of two hybrids: the cancelled Porsche Cayenne Hybrid and the Toyota Prius.


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