Second Fisker Karma Catches Fire

Initial report is that fire was located close to IC engine exhaust ports and not the battery pack.

Published: 13-Aug-2012

Fisker Automotive can't seem to catch break -- because its Karma hybrid EV sedan has yet again become too hot. Similar to an incident last spring that left a model burnt to near smithereens and damaged its owner's house, the Karma above caught fire in a Woodside, CA parking lot while powered off. Jalopnik was the first to get word of the incident, noting that the damage remained reserved to the front left of the vehicle, near where an exhaust is located. As the story goes, the owner found the vehicle emitting smoke after returning from a grocery run, prompting a call to Fisker and then the local fire department, which arrived as it was already engulfed in flames. In a statement to Wired's Autopia, Fisker has been vehement to note that the damage appears to be far from where the car's battery and sensitive electrical components are located, and that it wasn't plugged in for a charge -- furthermore, it's already had correspondence with the owner and is actively investigating the matter with plans to issue an update when there are findings to share.

All that said, it remains to be seen whether the Karma's battery system, supplied by A123 Systems (and the focus of previous recalls), had any role in igniting the car. Thankfully there were no reports of injuries from the incident, but as you can tell from the photo, the car was essentially totaled. You'll find a video of the Karma in flames being quelled by firefighters after the break, along with the official statement by Fisker given to Autopia.


Leonardo Di Caprio takes delivery of his Fisker Karma.

Latest funding round would value the company at $2.2billion.

Fisker Karmas at Roadshow exhibit in Tampa, Florida. Photo credit:

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Fisker Surf teaser concept.

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