PHOTO CAPTION: Chevrolet is developing an electric version of Spark.

Envia Battery Breakthrough Could Mean 200-Mile Electric Car

GM-backed Envia Systems has developed battery that will take car at least 100 miles and 50-50 chance of doing 200 miles on a single charge, which will be a 'game changer' according to GM CEO Dan Akerson.

Published: 13-Aug-2012

DETROIT (AP) — A small battery company backed by General Motors is working on breakthrough technology that could power an electric car 100 or even 200 miles on a single charge in the next two-to-four years, GM’s CEO said Thursday.

Speaking at an employee meeting, CEO Dan Akerson said the company, Newark, Calif.-based Envia Systems, has made a huge breakthrough in the amount of energy a lithium-ion battery can hold. GM is sure that the battery will be able to take a car 100 miles within a couple of years, he said. It could be double that with some luck, he said.

‘‘I think we've got better than a 50-50 chance,’’ Akerson said, ‘‘to develop a car that will go to 200 miles on a charge,’’ he said. ‘‘That would be a game changer.’’


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