A123 Introduces New Military Lithium Battery

The new battery system is available in 12V and 24 V models to meet specific vehicle requirements.

Published: 25-Feb-2012

A123 Systems, a provider of advanced energy storage systems for commercial, electric grid and transportation sectors, has launched a new battery system for military vehicles. The Military 6T Battery is a light-weight and long-lasting Nanophosphate lithium iron phosphate technology that offers high performance. It is an ideal alternative to 6T lead acid batteries that are currently used in military vehicles.

At present, there are approximately 800,000 6T lead batteries installed in the US military vehicles. This provides a major opportunity for A123 Systems’ new battery solution. The GM for the company’s Government Solutions Group, Les Alexander, stated that Military 6T Battery has the potential to start a high-mobility multipurpose wheeled vehicle (HMMWV).

The new battery system is available in 12V and 24 V models to meet specific vehicle requirements. Benefits offered by the lithium iron phosphate battery system include intelligent battery management system, lighter weight, higher charge acceptance rate and longer life time.

Military 6T Battery is integrated with powerful battery management system that provides built-in system level security features for overcharge, over-temperature and under or over voltage cutoff. In addition, the system communicates voltage and current measurements, state-of-charge information and diagnostics during silent watch and also protects the lithium iron phosphate cells.

The lithium ion battery weighs approximately 50% lighter than lead acid batteries. The considerable weight savings increases packing efficiency and fuel economy of the transport vehicle. A123's Military 6T Batteries have an ability to charge faster and also deliver high power when the vehicle engine is off. They also offer higher discharge cycles and longer life than lead acid batteries, which help to decrease battery replacement costs and life-cycle cost.

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