Consumer Reports On Electric Car 'Angst'

77 percent of survey respondents say they fret over range concerns for electric and plug-in hybrid.

Published: 19-Feb-2012

Apparently close to 90 percent of us have some sort of anxiety or concern about electric vehicles, which is probably a big factor in slower than expected electric vehicle sales over the past 12 months.

The data is part of the Consumer Reports 2012 Car Brand Perception Survey, which covers much broader issues than just the electric vehicle movement. Data was collected from 1,702 adults who lived in households with at least one home; the survey period was early December 2011.

What exactly are people worried about?


Ford S-Max equipped with Capstone micro-turbine range-extender, circa 2009

Frost & Sullivan also forecasts there will be 14 models with both ICE and fuel cell and micro-turbine range-extending engines


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